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Spiritualist Art


The Sacred or Spiritualist Arts approach themes and images that refer us to the Sacred, to the consecration of the DIVINE, of the Ascended Masters, as well as the images of Angels, Archangels and Saints. The best museums in the world, exhibit in their halls paintings by renowned artists of all eras, which make reference to the Sacred. The artist Sandra Uga masterfully represents the figures considered Holy, such as Our Lady, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Angels and Cherubs, as well as in her compositions she always makes reference to the Sacred.

As Artes Sacras ou Espiritualista, abordam temas e imagens que nos remetem ao Sagrado, à consagração do DIVINO, dos Mestres Ascensos, também como as imagens de Anjos, Arcanjos e Santos. Os melhores museus do mundo, expõem em seus salões quadros de artistas renomados de todas as eras, que fazem referência ao Sagrado. A artista Sandra Uga representa com maestria as figuras consideradas Santas, como Nossa Senhora, Jesus, Arcanjo Miguel, Anjos e Querubins, bem como em suas composições sempre faz referencia ao Sagrado.

Holy Mother

The representation of Mother Mary, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in a multicolored way, as she well symbolizes, the Mother of all humanity, in her simple beauty, leads us to the vibrant and illuminated world of colors and light._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Artist Sandra Uga has numerous different images representing the Mother of all Mothers in a creative and simple way. Contact us by email : and place your order from the Holy Mother.

Living Jesus Christ


This painting of Jesus, was chosen by the Yahoo website to announce a report that spoke of the life of the Messiah and his disciples. The artist Sandra Uga took several photos with the painting and posted it on her social network facebook, confirming the authenticity of her painting and thanking her for the choice.

From 1990 to the present day there are more than 300 different paintings of Jesus and many are still in his private collection. For more information call 55 (61) 83298292

Angels, Archangels and Cherubs



The plastic artist Sandra Uga, loves to create angels, cherubs and all the Beings of LIGHT, in her newest creation of engravings, the energy, vibrant, colorful and joyful of the Cherubs, in any environment, spiritualist art, promotes the harmony and peace. Check it out and place your order now. Gift with Sacred Art by Sandra Uga.

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