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About Me

My technique is a mixture of 30 years of art, researching, inventing, creating, producing, giving much value to intuition and lovingly developing a mixture of dreams, ideals, achievements and an immense desire to expand myself in thousands of ways and colors, contrasts and tones, all washed down with lots of love, determination, creativity and joie de vivre. Everything I do has the intention of bringing a lot of joy, life and light to people and my wish is in this existence to be able to see my art doing good for people, brightening the environments and perhaps provoking reflections on how LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ SWEET, COLORFUL, CUTE, HAPPY, ILLUMINATED AND MAINLY THAT THERE IS, SOUL, SPIRIT, LIGHT, DIVINE AND SACRED NATURE and when we do something in tune with our SOUL, we are doing our LIFE PURPOSE, of EXPRESSION , of ART, of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. I'm really enjoying this new phase SANDRA UGA, for those who follow my artistic adventures, you know that I've had a lot of fun making silkscreens and by the way it pleased the Greeks and Trojans, at that time (1980) I signed MARA, after some time I changed to SANDRA MARA, decades passed, I gave up Mara and gave way to BOESCHENSTEIN, today I am signing SANDRA UGA, for those who don't know, UGA stands for União Global de Attitudes, the name I gave to my BLOG, it was born in 2011 and has been adding to my life a rich opportunity to look at the WORLD around me and realize that we are all together, in the same MOTHERSHIP and that we have an obligation to do our best for everyone. Therefore, my art work thought I was silly, naive, without great perspectives, but with time I realized, that the art I make has an extremely important function, it GIVES me LIFE, LIGHT, JOY and MORE IT SPEAKS FOR ME ALL THAT THAT I WANT TO SAY TO THE WORLD, THAT WE CAN BE HAPPY, ILLUMINATED, COLORFUL AND GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING WE HAVE, ARE AND WE REPRESENT IN LIFE. SANDRA UGA  



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